The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Posting a movie review isn’t something that I ever intended to do; however, this movie had a message that can’t be ignored. This movie follows Walter Mitty, a bland man who dreams of adventure despite being stuck in a mundane day-in-day-out routine.

You will walk away from this movie feeling inspired. One of the most brilliant moments happens when a photographer finds what he’s been waiting years to photograph, but he doesn’t take the picture. Stating instead that some moments are so rich in life that they should be experienced with the eye and held in memory rather than experienced through a camera and held in a print.

With that thought, I’d ask you to be aware of how often you grab your camera or phone to record a moment that perhaps is so profound that it should be enjoyed with your full attention. I’ve seen in concerts, for example, that many people are holding a phone in the air recording…and it makes me sad that they aren’t fully present in a moment that they so obviously wanted to be.

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