Ten things that my grandmother taught me

Ten things that I learned from my grandmother (who happens to have Alzheimer ’s disease):

1. If someone asks you if you’d rather stay home or _________________(get lunch, run errands, go shopping, etc) ALWAYS choose the later.

2. If you don’t remember who someone is, be nice and pretend like you do.

3. Life passes by too quickly to worry about the small stuff (like making messes)
4. No one cares if your socks match, in fact mismatched socks can bring joy to others.
5. A visitor is the most precious thing one can be to another. 
6. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.
7. One should never be deprived of Coke or chocolate.
8. No one is too old to play with toys/stuffed animals, or do crafts.
9. If you don’t know what you’re doing…just smile and fake it!
10. Early to bed, early to wise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise.



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