I have missed you!

I have not posted a blog in over 30 days! I feel so guilty about that…and yet it has been for good reason.  For the last month my schedule has been (over)booked with personal conquests.  I share this as I believe it is important to be transparent and show what therapists do to stay mentally healthy! In the last month I have earned my motorcycle drivers license, made monumental progress on refinishing my basement, read TWO fiction/just because books, and gone on several hikes both solo and with friends to name a few.  It is very important to me and for my mental health for me to build mastery, continually challenge myself, and nurture a sense of adventure. These are things I try to teach clients of mine on a regular basis…

Consider Newton’s First Law of Movement: An object in motion stays in motion; an object at rest stays at rest.  If you are depressed (ie: not in motion) you will stay there until something or someone helps you to start moving!

With that being said…what can you do? What WILL you do? Comment below and let me know your ideas for adventure and movement!Image

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