Live Like You’re On Vacation!

As I am gearing up to go on vacation, I have been pondering what makes vacation so great anyway?  What would I be doing (other than not working) on vacation that I don’t do now?  What is it about vacation that makes it…vacation?

I thought about it and I realized that on vacation I do a few things differently?

1. I walk more

2. I bike more

3. I check out local independent eateries

4. I window shop, especial at locally owned (non-chain) businesses

5. I enjoy the weather (even if it’s rain)

6. I read more

7. I take my time

8. I sing

9. I am curious about my surroundings 

So…what can I do about this when i’m STUCK in my own town?? Well…ALL OF IT!!  I have been testing out my theory these last few days and have had great results.  I went for a bike ride around my neighborhood, walked down to a local river, walked the dog more and further than usual, really took time to observe the sky and it’s wonders, got to work earlier to that I don’t feel rushed, and have been reading more.  The results have been improved mood, more optimism, and more productivity at work and in my personal life.  


Give it a try…live like you are on vacation! 


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