Vacation Time!

Hey everyone! I am taking the time this morning, as the rest of the house sleeps, to check in with you all. I am on vacation and relishing in it! The trip so far has been a practice in mindfulness. Let me explain this in a new way that may make sense:

After MUCH contemplation, the Buddha discovered that all suffering is a result of desire. More clearly, the disparity between what IS and what you believe SHOULD BE. (I am not promoting or advocating against Buddhism…stay with me…). I was previously aware of the dangers of “shoulding” on yourself or others, which only increases anger at others or shame of self. OK…back to the point. Think of when you get irritable in traffic. There is a great difference between what IS happening (traffic jam) and what you believe SHOULD BE (free flowing traffic). Or when you put on your bathing suit, or when your family isn’t doing what you want them to do…it goes on and on.

So yesterday it rained most of the day. I SHOULD have been at the beach, I SHOULD have been exploring the island, I SHOULD have been…blah blah blah…but I WAS siting inside. So I had to ACCEPT that it was OK to be sitting inside coloring mandalas, it is OK to be sitting inside reading, it is OK to be enjoying family conversation. Only when you reconcile the two scenarios and decide for yourself that you are OK with the present moment, as it is, will you loose the internal conflict and find peace. This is mindfulness my friends. This is freedom from suffering.

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