Getting (or Staying) Organized

Anyone who knows you will tell you I’m a bit “particular” about how I like my things and that I’m very organized.  My aunt even commented on how organized I keep my daughter’s diaper bag!  I want to share with you a few basic tips on organization that might help you get started.

  1. If it doesn’t have a home, it doesn’t need to stay.

If you cared about your item as much as you think you do, you’d make a home for it.  So if you have clutter around your house, find or make a home…even if that home is the trash can.

  1. Binders are your friend

Related to number 1, if you are drowning in papers and aren’t quite sure what to do with them…either file them in traditional files or get a binder that relates to the category and use it!  I have a binder for each calendar year’s finances in which I put pay stubs, important receipts, etc so that at year end it’s all together for the accountant.  I also have a “profession” binder, where I have a tab for training certificates, licensure documents, evaluations etc. This is helpful when you need to update or your resume quickly.  This tip requires a 3 hole punch!

  1. Clean out the closets…

…And the drawers, baskets, fridge, etc.   I recommend twice per year to go through closets/drawers and pull out the things you legitimately don’t wear (or complain about every time you do wear it). Explore your medicine cabinet, cupboards and refrigerator and discard all expired items.  Attack the junk drawer, clutter pile, wherever you make an excuse for your junk and get rid of what you don’t use! Donate, recycle, consignment stores, Craigslist, hand down to a family member…whatever you need to do to feel at peace with getting rid of it.

  1. Buy cleaning wipes.

I’d bet that even Martha Stewart uses wipes to clean up when she’s tired.  What I’ve found is that I INTEND to clean up often…I’m much more likely to actually do it if it’s easy.  So buy the wipes, use the wipes.

  1. Make your bed

I’m not going to explain this one except that action begets action.  I challenge you to make your bed daily for a few weeks and see if you don’t start keeping the rest of your home a bit tidier also.

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