For a while, I was in the habit of posting blogs to this site.  I really enjoyed that habit…and yet it slipped away.  As I examine what works and what doesn’t in developing a new behavior trend or keeping one going…two things are clear: accountability and tracking.

1. Accountability –  We do not exist in a vacuum; people need social interaction to survive!  This is a well known fact in human development.  What also seems true however; is that we need other humans to encourage us!  Have you ever noticed how even with high levels of motivation and anticipation about starting something or going somewhere new, when it comes down to actually doing it….we come up with A LOT of excuses!   Having an accountability partner is a technique that fitness gurus cite over and over in terms of how to get into a new workout routine AND STAY THERE!  An accountability partner is someone who will go with/participate with/check in with you regarding the new behavior you are working on.  It’s even better if they are also working toward the same goal.  But what should you do if you don’t have a social network that provides this person…go high tech!  Technology seems to be at our fingertips (or on our wrists) all the time…might as well make it work for you!  I have seen some great habit tracking apps (I am currently using HabitBull) and I know many people who swear by the FitBit or Nike+ devices.  This isn’t only about fitness, I just see that as an easy example.

2. Tracking –  Tracking is a way to keep yourself accountable, record your progress, and have a visual representation of your growth as a person.  You can track via the technology mentioned above, go old-school with a sticker chart, or come up with another method that works for you.  Writing down whether you engaged in the behavior that you want to increase is automatically reinforcing.  A simple check mark is like a pat on the back!

I am committed to WORKING ON resuming this blog.  I’d love an accountability partner if anyone wants to encourage this behavior!  I am also using HabitBull to be my personal tracker as to whether this happens on a (hopefully) weekly basis!

Set some goals this week 🙂

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