Hooray brain research!

What great news! I am very much looking forward to learning more about this topic!

For so long, we have all been taught that as you age from a teen into a young adult, your brain STOPS making new neurons.  This has always been a grim concept to me (as I am past the oft-cited 26 year mark), I abhor the thought that we don’t get more chances at dramatic change.  This was never to say that an old dog couldn’t learn a new trick; however the idea was just that…more behavioral than anything.  This TED talk sheds light on new research that is discovering that the aging adult brain does indeed create new neurons, notably in the hippocampus.  New neurons in the hippocampus = improved memory functioning and MOOD.

Unfortunately for some out there (not naming names…you know who you are…) this is another scenario where it is imperative that you sleep well, eat well, and exercise in order to reap the benefits.  Chronic stress, high sugar diets and alcohol all decrease the neurogenesis in your hippocampus.

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