My five (ok…six) favorite blogs

In reflecting on some of my favorite blogs, I definitely see a trend! Perhaps my motto in life should be “less is more”.  I like my food to contain less ingredients, I like my bills to be less large, I like my home to have less clutter, I like my parenting style to be less self-judging…

I hope you find some inspiration in the following links!


The idea of minimalism fascinates me.  I am not a full on minimalist by any means; however, I do allow the ideals to influence my life.  I am sentimental…to a degree…I do not hold onto many items from the past.  If it is just going to sit in a box in the basement, I would rather it be recycled, upcycled or otherwise donated to a cause that will get more use out of it.  I love the “getting started” drop down tab as it shows you where to begin reading (if not…jumping in on the home page makes little sense).

http://minimalistbaker.com/ and http://ohsheglows.com/

These are two separate and different blogs; I am listing them as one as they are linked in my mind.  I eat a vegan and gluten free diet for a variety of reasons.  When I need inspiration, recipes, or validation for my lifestyle, I visit these ladies!  Great recipes regardless of your personal food philosophy.  I think we should all venture out and try new things!


Seriously, this is the most amazing blog. It is HILARIOUS and honest.  The life of a mom, dealing with adoption issues and the QUESTIONS from STRANGERS.  This blog makes me want to start a new blog.  I laugh with her, cry with her, and get frustrated with her.  I cannot tell you how validating it is to read that other parents are dealing with the same craziness that I am!


I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey.  He gets it.  As a whole, our society normalizes debt, credit cards, loans, living beyond your means. I for one, wholly buy into the idea of living BELOW your means.  I would much rather live in a small house and drive and older car if that means that I have less monthly bills and more opportunities to take a vacation! I love his “in your face” and fairly blunt approach.  I need someone to tell me like it is!  He also has street cred as he openly shares his financial blunders which leaves the reader feeling a little bit less alone.


I love this blog!  I am a Dialectical Behavioral Therapist by trade and this is a blog written by a client (not my client) who has learned DBT and is using the skills in real life.  This is a REAL and honest look at how to utilize various skills in realistic settings!  I can use the skills in my life and I can read research and text books all day long; however, learning from another person how DBT skills apply is such a gift.  I truly appreciate the candid writings!


Have a great day 🙂

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