20 facts about me

I love change.  I like to change my hairstyles/color, rearrange furniture, try new things and eat unique foods!

  1. I have my motorcycle license but no motorcycle.  I grew up around motorcycles and most of my family rides or has in the past.  I got my motorcycle license intending to get a bike; however my daughters came along and I chose thm instead! Riding can wait J
  2. I love to hike.  I feel at peace in nature, especially if I am lost!  It is a freeing feeling to me to know that there are no expectations of me except to enjoy that moment.
  3. I graduated high school at 17 and had my master’s degree by age 22.  Being young in the professional workforce certainly has its challenges; I wouldn’t change a thing.
  4. I do not have a television in the main floor of my home.  Only in the basement and it isn’t hooked up to any sort of TV services; movies only.  I MIGHT turn it on once a month.
  5. I have a record player in my living room with a highly eclectic mix of albums.  Some of the favorites of my daughters and I to jam to are: Sound of Music, Flashdance soundtrack, Simon and Garfunkle, classical composers, and the Beach Boys.
  6. Candy blue is my favorite color.
  7. I enjoy weight training and I despise cardio!
  8. My family has a cabin in the country with no electricity or running water.  It is one of my happy places.
  9. I have driven across the country twice.
  10. I have painted a mural on the side of a bridge in San Diego, California.
  11. I am an artist.  I love all media and styles; oil paint is my current favorite.  I wish I painted more.
  12. I am vegan and also eat a gluten free diet.  Partially due to food intolerances and partially due to ethical concerns with factory farming.
  13. I have lived in the Greater Cincinnati area for my entire life.  My dream city to live in is Tuscon, Arizona.
  14. I have crowd-surfed. Less Than Jake – The Science of Selling Yourself Short.  I’d totally do it again!
  15. On that note: I love concerts.  Some of my favorites have been: Fallout Boy, Less Thank Jake, Papa Roach, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies, Kip Moore, Nickleback, Jack Johnson…did I mention my eclectic musical taste?
  16. I have a minor addiction to Chap Stick.  Specifically, the peppermint flavor.  I buy it in bulk in the winter as they don’t usually sell it in the summer.
  17. I have a love hate relationship with technology.
  18. I grew up attending Catholic schools.  I am very grateful for the structure it taught me.
  19. I love the beach.  Hilton Head is my most frequent destination (three times) however I love to go to NEW places.

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