Awareness Days

I love the idea of awareness days.  I do not, however, like awareness days. According to the Wikipedia page on this topic, there are 118 different “awareness days” to celebrate each year.  That is not including the 207 “international days” listed on another page and the 67 “months of”…  I choose not to count the “weeks of”…. Let us not even delve into the days sponsored by such sites as www.dailyholidayblog.com! (according to them, today is pie day!)

While many of these days are created to bring awareness to highly notable causes and issues that do merit recognition…how in the world is someone supposed to track all of this?  And now…as a result, many people (including myself) just let out a sigh and roll our eyes at the mention of __________ awareness day.  Furthermore, I believe that the bizarre “days/months/weeks” take away the punch that COULD BE packed buy the “days/months/weeks” that deserve recognition.  Ie…January 19th is “tin can day”…REALLY?!?!?

November 21 is World Television Day, May 7 is World Password Day, June 24th is Take Your Dog to Work Day and May 4th is Star Wars Day. Crap, crap, crap.  CRAP!  This makes the days like October 10th (World Mental Health Day) and January 27th (International Holocaust Remembrance Day) loose the thunder that they should have! And on a larger scale, likely diminish the donations received by the organization, which is a primary goal of creating an awareness campaign.

With all that being said, I am choosing to release this in January…International Creativity Month! Because…who doesn’t need a month devoted to creativity?!

What awareness days do you support and which ones will you admit are crap?


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