Part Two: I do miss reading

If you ask me, I would describe myself as an avid reader. If I think about it a little longer, I realize that I’m not! I LOVE reading, so why are there months that I do not read ANYTHING?  I don’t know about you, but in reflection I realize that the story I tell myself about reading is that it takes too much time and effort.  I wonder why this is the message I tell myself about reading?  Where did it come from? The only hypothesis I have is that it likely came from school years and being forced to read various books/chapters on someone else’s time frame and for someone else’s purpose. I have been out of school now for 7 years…something tells me it’s time to get over myself!

I miss reading!


A few weeks ago I was at a mom’s group when someone mentioned how much they love to read.  I said “me too!” which was followed by her asking what I was currently reading.  Crickets.  There were crickets in my brain! How embarrassing!

That night, I borrowed my daughter’s kindle and that week I read TWO fiction novels.  I tell myself I don’t have time…and clearly, I do!  I tell myself I am too tired and reading takes too much effort…clearly it doesn’t! I miss reading and I need to prioritize.  Perhaps (if you have been following along) I could read instead of watch television!

Is there something you love to do and find yourself not doing enough?

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