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Fidget Cube


I was so excited to see this product on Kickstarter and even more excited when they began to actually produce them! Naturally I purchased…a few.  As a therapist, I keep a basket of fidget and soothing items in my office for clients.  I always look for new and unique items to add.  (Currently lotion and a specific fox stress ball are the fan favorites!)

I have been able to observe the cube in many settings, with many ages of user.  The fidget cube was a hit with my kids at home (ages 2 and 4), who thought the switch held special powers: such as to the power to turn on the car.  They did fight over it…not sure why I expected any different…which tells me that they indeed enjoyed it.  They especially enjoyed playing with it on car rides.  Second experience: a kid at church had one, about 5 people away from me and one row up.  This was a TERRIBLE experience for me.  He incessantly flipped the switch side, which DOES make a noise.  Back and forth…back and forth…back and forth…let me tell you: I was having some hostile urges at church! Third experience is in my office. For the clients who enjoy things to fidget with, they report high levels of satisfaction.  The “joystick” and the “light switch” sides seem to be the most used. Some people fidget with it for the duration of their 45 or 55 minute session without even realizing it!

Personally, I am sensitive to noise in my environment.  For this reason, I do not like that several of the sides make noises.  The gears, the light switch, and the 5 round buttons all make various degrees of (annoying) noises.  I see this as a design flaw as I know many client parents had been wanting to purchase a fidget cube for their child in the classroom setting.  I think it could be an excellent asset for people who need to fidget while working in an office or students doing homework, as long as there aren’t others close by!

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