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Some people ask why I write.  I have been trying hard to formulate an adequate answer. I only write and blog from experience at this point; however, I do enjoy writing fiction as a hobby.  As I try to catch the words and phrases in my mind associated with why I write, one big one stands out: accountability.  Naturally I write because I enjoy helping others, I have a passion for sharing ideas that have helped me or others I have counseling, I like the mental de-cluttering that happens as I put words into sentences onto paper; but mostly, I love that it holds me accountable.

I am a therapist.  I am also, as it turns out, a human.  A normal, fallible, prone to making mistakes human: I fall into negative self-talk, catastrophic thinking, bouts of being bummed etc.  Writing about these topics holds a mirror up to my face for me to look into.  I often tell my clients that I would never preach something that I do not practice.  I find that when I don’t blog, I don’t think as logically as I could be thinking.  It is apparent to me that teaching 2-3 DBT (therapy) skills classes per week is a huge BLESSING.  Every week I stand in front of 10-12 people and tell them what to do for optimal mental health; why would I ignore a message I so passionately believe in?  I do not profess to be a picture of mental perfection as I do not believe that exists.  Hypothetically speaking, the Suzy Sunshine’s of the world likely have more baggage to unpack than the Debbie Downers.  I strive to be a Normal Nancy.

Of course, there are secondary gains for blogging: I also like to think of blogging is a way to send little messages through the week to some of my clients who are having a rough week.  Sort of an “I’m still here” nudge to get them back on track.  For those of you that I’ve never met (WordPress tells me that people are reading these posts from different states and countries around the world), maybe the post will push you to find a therapist in your city; to seek out DBT (as that is my theoretical orientation and if you like me, you’ll like DBT).

So what about you? Why do you read blogs? What do you do to hold yourself accountable?  What works in your world to keep you moving?  I’d love to know as I am sure other’s would love the ideas too!

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