Tidbits from the week

Life lessons from this week:

  1. One is enough.  It seems that every time I reach for a second treat, I regret it.  Savor the one…listen to your wise mind that tells you when to stop.  Lesson learned from blueberry muffins this week. The first one was DELISH, the second one was too heavy.
  2. Smell the roses.  I mean this figuratively; however, this lesson continues to be imprinted in my soul from watching my kids.  They are on their own time and they don’t give a hoot about hurrying up.  Slow down and see what there is to see, smell what there is to smell, hear what there is to hear…
  3. Give long hugs.  This resonates on so many  levels. Once again, a lesson learned from my kids…they are long huggers.  I catch myself trying to rush though the hugs…on to the next! But seriously, slow down…science says longer hugs release more oxytocin (a happy, feel good brain chemical).
  4. Make time to do what you WANT to do, not just what you (think you) NEED to do.  I have really been working on this one…my mood after painting, reading, writing, exercising, etc is SO much better than my mood after Netflix, voicemails and dishes. Make sure you balance it out.
  5. Friends are important.  Make this a priority.  It is NOT easy to get two adults together, much less a group, but fight for it.  I have noticed that it can require to adults to sit down over their planners and pencil it in 2 months out…PEN that date in!
  6. Do nice things for other people, whether you know them or not…and you don’t then have to announce it on Facebook. Just do it to be a cool human.
  7. Work hard and then stop.  Don’t bring it home…that’s the mental equivalent to stepping in dog doo and then walking around the house in those shoes!
  8. Play mindfully…as in go all in (don’t fret about when it will end or whether you deserve it, don’t worry about what happens next or your grocery list).
  9. Have an accountability buddy.  Work hard to find them and schedule times to meet.  Even if it is someone you have to pay.
  10. Enjoy silence.  It is truly the most important thing you can listen to.
  11. Get out in nature and do NOT dare use earbuds  (Note #10)

Life Satisfaction

In no way have I read or fact checked this photo-image:

When you peak

HOW FASCINATING.  As I said, I have no ability to PROVE this is true.  Let’s trust the good folks at http://www.IFLSCIENCE.com (http://www.iflscience.com/editors-blog/here-are-the-ages-you-peak-at-everything-throughout-lifes/)

What I appreciate about this infographic, is that it makes me THINK.  Does this seem accurate? Do I like what I read?

I have actually attended a few trainings, watched a few documentaries and read some articles about the fact that the US is indeed behind most other cultures in terms of when we mandate minors to learn a second language.  In US schooling, it happens in high school.  HIGH SCHOOL….when there is SO MUCH data to suggest that preschool and elementary school are when this is better suited to be taught. Phew…at least I don’t feel like there is something wrong with me that I didn’t retain the Spanish and American Sign Language that I studied from ages 14-20.  I was fairly well versed in both…until I stopped studying and practicing.

In regards to the life satisfaction, I disagree.  I was NOT nearly as satisfied at 23; whereas, today…I am fairly satisfied.  I believe in the next 50 years that will continue to improve.  Age brings clarity…I am well aware that I am still classified as a “young” adult, for that I am GRATEFUL…because I trust that things will only get better. I agree with the assumption that I will be more satisfied at age 69 than I am currently, and for that I am excited!

Female attractiveness to men…I say really?! Grow up…apparently men are only attracted to 23 year old females.

Muscle strength peaking at 25 sounds about right for my experience so far…

Overall, I am happy with this post.  It seems the more superficial peaks happen in the 20s, and as we age…we reach the peak in more “deep” categories.  I say BRING IT ON!






Sharing a real e-mail thread that really touched my heart.  It was just what I needed tonight!

A fellow therapist sent this link to me:


I responded with:

Thank you. A well timed e-mail.  “A” was kicked out of gymnastics (again…this makes one boot from ballet and two from gymnastics) for her poor attention span and the girls both had to quit their music lessons because of a new conflict with our new foster sister…when lessons were.  I was really bummed about all of this  AND I was able to see how having less on our plate could be a really big blessing.  We have been doing more art projects and play dates.  Music can wait 🙂

Have you ever watched Avatar? It is a really cool movie to watch once trained in mindfulness, all about connectivity and slowing down. In the movie, the “advanced” society views the avatar’s society as less than, stupid, etc…when really, they have it all figured out.  Slow down, connect with one another and connect to the earth.  I thought of that when the article mentioned “how are you”…like really…not “how busy are you”, but “how is your heart?”
Thank you!  PS…how are you?
Here is a clip from avatar:
In the film, “I see you” means so much more than just laying eyes on one’s physical body.  It means I see your soul, I see who you are, I see what you believe in and what you can become.  It reminds me of the undying and pure love of a parent with a newborn.  I see you… meaning I see and I know everything about you, and that information is safe and loved.
Isn’t that what we all really want?