Life Doesn’t Have To Be THIS Difficult

Dont try so hard

I love this. What a great representation of the fact that we all try too hard. We try to force things, things that ought not be forced!  We spend so much time in fear…fear of missing out, fear of not being good enough, fear of loosing someone/something…we forget to stop and just experience life!

Do you see that happiness really is a choice?  You will never earn enough money (to be happy), life in the right city/climate (to be happy), be in relationship with the perfect person (to be happy)… you are chasing your tail!  Being happy is a choice and it can happen when you are broke, when it is raining, when you are just ending a relationship, etc…if we stop seeking happiness, and instead make a choice to be happy amidst the little nuances of life…we actually can be happy!

It reminds me of when people say “you will miss this stage (of parenting)” when my kids are driving me nuts! I have a choice to stop and smile, enjoy the tantrum-at-the-park-phase because it really will end so soon.  You can be happy in the face of chaos.  You have a choice!

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