Harmony over balance

What an interesting and subtle difference between these two words.  It has been brought to my attention that the idea of achieving balance is self-defeating at best and leaves us constantly feeling shame as we cannot ever fully achieve 100% balance.  The suggestion here is to work toward the idea of living with harmony; to live in a way that honors when you are depleted or living in excess…and to make peace with this  imbalance, which will give you peace and an ability to be flexible.

More on these topics can be found at the links below. I believe they are written so well that I would be doing an injustice not to share them with you:


Seek Work-Life Harmony, Not Balance – 5 Key Strategies



What do you think? I love the idea that the outcome of living for harmony is increased peace and a sense of validity; whereas striving for balance is likened to perfectionism which could lead to shame.  Maybe it is just semantics…it certainly is worth a ponder!

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