Unpolished Conference 2017 Take Away Points

Unpolished is a yearly conference in Cincinnati, Ohio for entrepreneurs, highlighting the intersection of work and faith.  I attended last week and found great motivation and new sparks for my own ideas.  I wanted to share with you some of my take away notes from the many keynote speakers as I hope they resonate with you too.  The name in parentheses is the name of the speaker who made the point.

  1. The point is to enjoy the process of creating and serving others; NOT to define yourself by the product or numbers (Brian Tome – Crossroads Church)
  2. Be a servant leader, not a selfish leader (Mark Whitacre – Corporate Whistleblower)
  3. Listen to the NEED of employees just as much as, or more than customers (Mary Miller – Jancoa)
  4. Believe in your ideas even when others don’t (Clifton Taulbert – author)
  5. Shift your thinking, accelerate your imagination (Clifton Taulbert – author)
  6. Your work matters (you spend half of your life working) – make sure you have purpose (Romans 9:17) (David Roth – Work Matters)
  7. Be all in. (Steve Toth – Tango Press)
  8. Discover your purpose, it is more important than money (Ann Beiler – Auntie Anne’s Pretzels) 
  9. Don’t be mediocre. That is when you give up before God gives up. Don’t give up half way up the mountain. Brilliance demands discipline.  Brilliance demands bravery. Spend time with people who will push you and not let you hide.  (Todd Henry – The Accidental Creative)
  10. “Life is about making mistakes. Really successful people learn from them and don’t repeat them” (Jeff Berding  – FC Cincinnati)

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