Like clouds in the sky…

One way to consider emotions is that they are like clouds.  Do you remember the “old school” weather channel weather maps that would evolve and change every few minutes? You could see the cloud cover shifting (usually to the east) on the map.

This is how I consider emotions.  The reality is that you have never had an emotion that did not change.  You make have emotions that come back frequently (ie: if you are an anxious person) or you may have big emotions that hang around for longer than you’d like (ie: an episode of depression). You have never had one that did not change.

What you need to be able to do is SEE IT (which requires mindful awareness), NAME IT and recognize that it is going to shift.

intense weather map

This type of weather map would feel intense and scary. When you look around, you cannot see anything besides the emotion.  Have faith though! It is a stormy time and it will change. You will feel differently in a few hours or days.

clear weather map

This type of weather map might feel GREAT! I still encourage you not to be naïve because it too will pass! You will have rough days and you must guard yourself against that by taking care of your physical self (ie: sleeping on a schedule, eating healthy, and not isolating).

Consider using this visual for your emotions! Do you think it could ease your fears of intense emotions?

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