Adulting Well Customer Reviews:

“This book is great for those who are still trying to learn the ropes of adulting, and for those who need some extra tips on adulting. This book is very interactive and helps you re-learn great ways to improve your ability to adult! Must buy!”

This book is a valuable resource for anyone navigating the transition to adulthood – one of the most challenging stages of human development. It is reader- friendly and relatable, filled with practical strategies, and enjoyable to read.”

Ms. Fields’s book is well written and knowledgable for the helping profession, their clients, and families. Her dedication and expertise toward helping clients and their families will make her stand out in her professional field. Most of all, her book provides a concise understanding toward creating and sustaining healthy adulthood choices for clients

“This reads easy and could be something to read through very quickly. As the book says, take your time to absorb it. I have been teaching DBT skills for 10 years and I believe that this has helped me understand it better. I see this as something for myself and something that I could suggest to clients to help augment their therapy.

This is one to keep on the bookshelf to reread and reference! I ordered this book to share with the troubled teens that I teach. I think benefited from the book as much as they did. We read it one chapter at a time and kept a journal. I highly recommend this book for anyone to read! The DBT approach is fundamentally empowering. Alyx guides the reader into reflection while sharing anecdotal stories that encourage personal truths, reflections and goals. A must buy!

I loved this book. Alyx is very relatable accessible. She makes skills and ideas easy to digest and apply. Each chapter is organized by skillsets so you can easily reference what you need in the moment. It combines the usefulness of a workbook with the accessibility of a regular book. Even as someone who knows DBT and has trained others at times I learned new things in this book. It would make a great read for anyone looking to level up their adulting skills. It would be a great gift for a graduate student. It would also be great for a family member of someone in DBT looking to get a better understanding of what their loved one is learning