Adulting Well


This is a 246 page book and workbook with the goal of helping you learn to delay your short-term urges in order to achieve your long-term goals!



Our culture has taken a dramatic turn in the last few decades from having a strong work ethic, to that of an instant-gratification society. I do not intend to blame any one industry or event for this change; rather, I believe we must recognize the issue and forge onward with a plan to change the course. Adulting Well is a self-help non-fiction book of life strategies and skills utilizing the structure of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). In accessible language and with practical steps, I believe that anyone can apply these skills to their life and learn to delay their short-term urges and achieve their long-term goals. I wrote this book after 11 years of being a therapist and seeing a clear trend developing adult clients avoiding adult tasks. This avoidance tends to be the result of an inability for a person to cope with emotional pain and suffering. The purpose of this book is to teach people to experience pain, cope well, and persist through it all. We must learn to struggle without giving up or numbing out. We need to turn our negative emotional cycles around so that our self-fulfilling prophecy is that of being competent and confident…not of being depressed and anxious.


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