Love in Every Color: A Transracial Adoption Story


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Hard conversations of life between parents and their children are often had on car rides. Kids want to know about life’s complexities and adults often avoid the topics, thinking they aren’t ready yet. In this story, a young girl asks her mom why their skin colors don’t match and a discussion of diversity unfolds. Love in Every Color was written by a mother and her adopted daughter and is based on actual in-car discussions of their transracial family dynamics.

Love in Every Color is an engaging story of learning to embrace racial differences within families and can be generalized across classrooms, neighborhoods, and the world! Every child will have questions about racial diversity and as parents, it is our responsibility to lead them through these conversations, normalizing their curiosities, and welcoming their questions. The whimsical illustrations connect with the simplicity of life that children appreciate and promotes open dialogue, advancing the readers social-emotional skills.

Love in Every Color should be on every child’s bookshelf and in every school!

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