Your Mental Restoration Wellness Box: 1st Edition SOOTHE


A gift box (for yourself or a loved one) to support mental wellness!

Wondering what to expect? The contents have now been unveiled!

MSRP $62-65

The scent of the candle is relaxing and refreshing, not overpowering at all. The aromatherapy kit (contains a pillow spray, an inhaler and a roller) is a desktop and purse lifesaver! I take my tin with me when I travel and it is so grounding for me in high stress times.  The lip balm is a secret ninja weapon, it travels anywhere and is a gift of self soothing whenever you need it.  I keep the affirmation cards on my desk an flip to a new one each day, never tiring of the mindful moment.  As a nature lover, the thank you card is one of my favorite surprises as it’s plantable and contains wildflower seeds!

14 in stock


Limited quantities available, once they are gone, it’s gone! Contents are a surprise, rest assured that each box will be curated to include between five and seven items and the value is well worth the cost!

This box has a theme of grounding.  Grounding is the idea of bringing your focus to the reality of the present moment which is especially helpful if you are prone to anxiety or difficulty staying focused! Grounding can be achieved by brining your attention to your sensory experience (what you hear, smell, taste, see and feel).  I strive to make this a gender neutral box that would be a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

In honor of Woman’s Month, I am proud to announce that all of the items in this box are handmade, in America from Women owned businesses!


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