The purpose of this page is to highlight some of my favorite self-care and mental health products for you all. I hope to inspire every person who reads this blog to want to spend a bit more of their own resources (time, energy, thoughts, and yes…money) on their OWN mental health. We are all so good at prioritizing other people in our lives…why not prioritize yourself?!

Along with each item, I will post a blog about how and why to use it (if it isn’t linked…It is being written, have patience!)

Below you will find two commonly trending items: an essential oil diffuser and a collection of essential oils.


Squishies are the next big trend in middle schools; however this is one I’d encourage you to fall in line with! These are such a great texture and visually are SO CUTE!


This is a great journal to use if you are struggling with being a “self starter” in the journal department! …and these pens…yes, please! I am such a school supply addict and these are a great addition!

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