Inspiration, mental health

Be present with others. 

Make effort today to be fully present. Give others the gift of your attention, time and presence. 


Real Life Moments

As I walk through my house turning off the lights…heading toward bed, there are things that catch my eye…things that fill my heart with joy, love, peace…

I cannot imagine my home without these things, although some are new; some are fleeting…yet all make a home.

I want to share with you the images that when I rest my eyes upon, fill me with such positive emotions, such positive thoughts!

First we have the artwork on the fridge. No…I am not the mom that keeps all art; rather I prefer to truly savor each peace. If I find myself walking past without notice, it is time for a fresh picture!

I could stare at this for eternity. A tree covered in the love of hand painted and hand crafted ornaments, stockings hung in anticipation: a reminder of the magic of Christmas, and my “happy painting” that is a staple of our main room. No matter how messy life can become…a reminder to live it fully!

This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy has been in my life for as long as I can recall. I remember emptying his contents as I prepared to head off to college, emptying it’s contents in a panic when trying to “adult” (unsuccessfully at times!) and now I look at this piggy with prolongued grief as I am aware of the cracks that will oneday (soon) expand and shatter my trusty sidekick…likely the result of me using it as a step stool and a chair one too many times in childhood!

Guidance. As is necessary in all endeavors. Knowing that the answers are there, waiting, anytime I care to ask the questions.

A reminder that our mindset matters…and that just as we can strengthen our muscles…we can strengthen our minds to seek the good in life.
Post a photo or two below. Share with us…where are your peaceful places?


Keeping a Schedule

When I think back over the last few years about when I felt the most productive and confident, I readily identify the winter between 2012/2013.  I can also easily identify why…I had a great schedule! I was honoring myself by going to the gym, visiting family, spending time with friends, and working with regularity and consistency.  Having a schedule prevented me from overworking, isolating, and/or avoiding.  I was able to meet my own needs and take care of myself by relying on a schedule that I made while in my wisest state of mind. 

I share this with you as I have recently realized that I have NOT been sticking to my schedule! I sat down today and remedied this situation and wanted to share with you some steps that made it easier:

  1. Determine what you value and want to accomplish during a week.  Examples may be exercise, visit relatives, spend time with friends, work, read, create art, hike…
  2. Create measurable goals related to each thing you want to do, such as workout 3x/week or visit grandma once/week. 
  3. Create a blank schedule with one column per day
  4. Fill in the mandatory/inflexible parts of you schedule in blocks
  5. Weigh out the other pieces of the puzzle, filling the week in with as much balance as possible

I really do recommend that you stick to your schedule for several weeks before making any changes.  At first, only make changes to things that were problematic during your trial run.  This might be removing things that you scheduled after work if you find yourself having to stay late at work certain days.  It may be permitting yourself to sleep in on a Thursday or Friday if your week is taxing.  Try to limit the number of changes you make at a time so that you know what is helping and what isn’t.